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Counseling + Consulting + Spiritual Discipleship + Fitness + Meditation + Yoga + Self Care = We Fitness We practice Meditation, Movement/Stretching (Yoga) & Fitness Training’s in numerous methods and traditions for holistic wellbeing. Therefore, creating a fresh perspective on stressful situations and issues of life. With Counseling Sessions, Meditation, Fitness, and Movement Sessions we can assist our clients to significantly reduces stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sickness and pain while enhancing peace, perception, self-concept, cognitive skills, and overall wellness. Pathway To Peace/We Fit Health & Wellness Offers affordable Marriage & Family Counseling, Individual Counseling, Training’s & Health & Wellness (Self Care) sessions to all ages, ethnicities, and social classes. We provide a holistic approach in obtaining and achieving (Healthcare) health and wellness. We also practice techniques such as breathing, mindfulness, awareness, thought processing, daily affirmations and other activities to help or assist individuals in achieving mental health in becoming mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and physically stable. LEARN MORE

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We Fit Movement

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